Kristoffer Szilas

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Here is a list of my scientific papers that have been published in international peer-reviewed journals

[36]  Peters, S.T.M., Szilas, K., Sengupta, S., Kirkland, C.L., Garbe-Schönberg, D. & Pack, A. (2020). >2.7 Ga metamorphic peridotites from southeast Greenland record the oxygen isotope composition of Archean seawater. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 544, 116331.

[35]  Szilas, K., Tusch, J., Herwartz, D. & Fonseca, R.O.C. (2020). Two metamorphic gold mineralization events confirmed by Lu-Hf isotope dating of garnet in the Late Archean Storø Au deposit, Nuuk region of SW Greenland. Ore Geology Reviews 121, 103476.

[34]  Yakymchuk, C., Kirkland, C., Hollis, J., Kendrick, J., Gardiner, N. & Szilas, K. (2020). Mesoarchean partial melting of mafic crust and tonalite production during high-T–low-P stagnant tectonism, Akia Terrane, West Greenland. Precambrian Research 339, 105615.

[33]  Kirkland, C.L., Yakymchuk, C., Gardiner, N.J., Szilas, K., Hollis, J., Olierook, H. & Steenfelt, A. (2020). Titanite petrochronology linked to phase equilibrium modelling constrains tectono-thermal events in the Akia Terrane, West Greenland. Chemical Geology 536, 119467.

[32]  Gardiner, N., Kirkland, C., Hollis, J., Cawood, P., Nebel, O., Szilas, K. & Yakymchuk, C. (2020). North Atlantic Craton architecture revealed by kimberlite-hosted crustal zircons. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 534, 116091.

[31]  Fischer-Gödde, M., Elfers, B.-M., Münker, C., Szilas, K., Maier, W.D., Messling, N., Morishita, T., van Kranendonk, M. & Smithies, H. (2020). Ruthenium isotope vestige of Earth’s pre-late veneer mantle preserved in Archean rocks. Nature 579, 240-244.

[30]  Whyatt, L., Peters, S., Pack, A., Kirkland, C., Balic-Cunic, T. & Szilas, K. (2020). Metasomatic reactions between Archean dunite and trondhjemite at the Seqi Olivine Mine in Greenland. Minerals 10, 85.

[29]  McIntyre, T., Pearson, D.G., Szilas, K. & Morishita, T. (2019). Origin of Eoarchean ultramafic rocks of the North Atlantic Craton – A study of the Tussaap Ultramafic Complex, Itsaq Gneiss Complex, southern West Greenland. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 174, 96.

[28]  Nishio, I., Morishita, T., Szilas, K., Pearson, D.G., Tani, K.-I., Tamura, A., Harigane, Y. & Guotana, J.M. (2019). Titanian clinohumite-bearing peridotite from the Ulamertoq Ultramafic body in the 3.0 Ga Akia Terrane of southern West Greenland. Geosciences 9, 153.

[27]  Gardiner, N., Kirkland, C., Hollis, J., Szilas, K., Steenfelt, A., Yakymchuk, C. & Heide-Jørgensen, H. (2019). Building Mesoarchaean crust upon Eoarchaean roots: The Akia Terrane, West Greenland. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 174, 20.

[26]  Gardiner, N., Johnson, T.E., Kirkland, C. & Szilas, K. (2019). Modelling the Hafnium–Neodymium Evolution of Early Earth: A Study from West Greenland. Journal of Petrology 60, 177-197.

[25]  van Hinsberg, V., Crotty, C., Roozen, S., Szilas, K. & Kisters, A. (2018). Pressure–Temperature History of the >3 Ga Tartoq Greenstone Belt in Southwest Greenland and Its Implications for Archaean Tectonics. Geosciences 8, 367.

[24]  Guotana, J.M., Morishita, T., Yamaguchi, R., Nishio, I., Tamura, A., Tani, K., Harigane, Y., Szilas, K. & Pearson, D.G. (2018). Contrasting Textural and Chemical Signatures of Chromitites in the Mesoarchaean Ulamertoq Peridotite Body, Southern West Greenland. Geosciences 8, 328.

[23]  Kirkland, C.L., Yakymchuk, C., Szilas, K., Evans, N., Hollis, J., McDonald, B. & Gardiner, N. (2018). Apatite; a U-Pb thermochronometer or geochronometer? Lithos 318, 143-147.

[22]  Szilas, K. (2018). A Geochemical Overview of Mid-Archaean Metavolcanic Rocks from Southwest Greenland. Geosciences 8, 266.

[21]  Yakymchuk, C. & Szilas, K. (2018). Corundum formation by metasomatic reactions in Archean metapelite, SW Greenland - Exploration vectors for ruby deposits within high-grade greenstone belts. Geoscience Frontiers 9, 727-749.

[20]  Szilas, K., van Hinsberg, V.J., McDonald, I., Næraa, T., Rollinson, H., Adetunji, J. & Bird, D. (2018). Highly refractory Archaean peridotite cumulates:  Petrology and geochemistry of the Seqi Ultramafic Complex, SW Greenland. Geoscience Frontiers 9, 689-714.

[19]  Klausen, M.B., Szilas, K., Kokfelt, T.F., Keulen, N., Schumacher, J.C. & Berger, A. (2017). Tholeiitic to calc-alkaline metavolcanic transition in the Archean Nigerlikasik Supracrustal Belt, SW Greenland. Precambrian Research 302, 50-73.

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[16]  Szilas, K., Hoffmann, J.E., Schulz T., Hansmeier, C., Polat, A., Viehmann, S., Kasper, H.U.  & Münker, C. (2016). Combined bulk-rock Hf- and Nd-isotope compositions of Mesoarchaean metavolcanic rocks from the Ivisaartoq Supracrustal Belt, SW Greenland: Deviations from the mantle array caused by crustal recycling. Chemie der Erde 76, 543-554.

[15]  Szilas, K., Maher, K. & Bird, D. (2016). Aluminous gneiss derived by weathering of basaltic source rocks in the Neoarchean Storø Supracrustal Belt, southern West Greenland. Chemical Geology 441, 63-80. 

[14]  Szilas, K., Hoffmann, J.E., Hansmeier, C., Hollis, J.A., Münker, C., Viehmann, S. & Kasper, H.U. (2015). Sm-Nd and Lu-Hf isotope and trace-element systematics of Mesoarchaean amphibolites, inner Ameralik fjord, southern West Greenland. Mineralogical Magazine 79, 857-876.

[13]  Szilas, K., Kelemen, P.B. & Rosing, M.T. (2015). The petrogenesis of ultramafic rocks in the >3.7 Ga Isua supracrustal belt, southern West Greenland: Geochemical evidence for two distinct magmatic cumulate trends. Gondwana Research 28, 565-580.

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[4]  Kisters, A.F.M., van Hinsberg, V.J. & Szilas, K. (2012). Geology of an Archaean accretionary complex - The structural record of burial and return flow in the Tartoq Group of South West Greenland. Precambrian Research 220, 107-122.

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[1]  Scherstén, A., Szilas, K., Creaser, R.A., van Gool, J.A.M., Næraa, T. & Østergaard, C. (2012). Re-Os and U-Pb constraints on gold mineralisation events in the Meso- to Neoarchaean Storø greenstone belt, Storø, southern West Greenland. Precambrian Research 200, 149-162.

 Figure: Geological map of SW Greenland showing the different areas that I have studied. Numbers match the publication list above.