Kristoffer Szilas

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On this page you can see photos and articles from my climbing expeditions around the world

Living in a flat country like Denmark provides some challenges if you want to become an alpinist, but if you are motivated and willing to travel a lot, then this is easily overcome.

My focus in climbing has been to go on expeditions to all of the great mountain ranges of the world and climb the classic alpine test pieces, although I have also managed to do a few first ascents.

For me mountaineering is about pushing yourself and applying hard earned skills and fitness, but it is also about adventure, friendship, enjoying the most spectacular scenery the world has to offer, making life less complicated and focusing on the task of reaching a summit, simply because you can. However, to reach a summit is not the main criteria of success in alpine climbing. In fact, many of my best and most memorable experiences in the mountains are from expeditions where I did not succeed. Adventure and the process of learning should always be valued as a goal in itself.


Heckmaier (ED) Eiger, Grindelwald

Cordier Pillar (TD) Grand Charmoiz, Chamonix

Albinoni-Gabarrou (TD) Mont Blanc du Tacul (to the end of difficulties), Chamonix

Brenva Spur (D) Mont Blanc, Chamonix

Arete Kuffner (D) Mont Maudit, Chamonix

Frendo Spur (D) Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix

Chere Couloir (D) Mont Blanc du Tacul (to the end of difficulties), Chamonix

Rebuffat (D) Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix


Freak Brothers (7+), Kullaberg

Yosemite (7), Kullaberg

Déja Vu (7), Kullaberg

King Kong (7-), Kullaberg

Franska Trick (7-), Kullaberg

Fuldfed Alpinist (7-), Kullaberg

Kultus (7-), Kullaberg

Brilliant Disguise (7-), Kullaberg

Strapiorambo (7-), Kullaberg

Yang (7-), Kullaberg

Here are some photos from my different climbing expeditions:

My Favorite Climbing Photos

2016 Yosemite, California

2015 Yosemite, California

2014 Yosemite, California

2013 Fitz Roy, Patagonia

2013 Kichatnas, Alaska

2012 Standhart, Patagonia

2012 Cordillera Blanca, Peru

2012 Mooses Tooth, Alaska

2011 Djangart, Kyrgyzstan

2011 Kandersteg, Switzerland

2010 Patagonia, Argentina

2010 Mt. Hunter, Alaska

2010 Canmore, Canada                                                       

2009 Sichuan, China

2009 Khumbu, Nepal

2008 Denali, Alaska

2008 Cerro Torre, Patagonia

2007 Yosemite, California

2007 Eiger North Face, Switzerland

You can also find some slide shows from my expeditions at my Youtube Channel