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Swedish Ice Mines

Posted on March 9, 2011 at 2:08 AM

Last weekend I went to Sala, Sweden, with Anders Strange and Fredrik Rapp to check out a mixed area that was developed by Stefan Lindblom in some old silver mines. This season has been fairly dry, but there was a few really good mixed lines and lots of drytooling to do. There are some access issues in this area, so visitors need too get in touch with Stefan before going. We had a local climber called Tobbe to guide us around the mine area and show us the best pits.

There are over 30 routes from M5-M10, so it's worth going especially early in the season to get fit as there are a lot of routes that can go without ice.

Here are a few photos from the mines:

Perfect layback crack on "Silverstål" ( M7 ).

Myself getting focused on an onsight of  "Lykantropi" ( M8 )

Climbing the local test-piece "Tzunami" ( M10 ).

Getting ready to climb the ice dagger on "Tzunami" ( M10 ).

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