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(N)ice weekend

Posted on February 16, 2010 at 2:24 PM

This weekend I did a few really good ice routes. First I climbed Nemesis with Carlos, then Whiteman Falls with Crista-Lee and then Pilsner Pillar with Rob and Ramon. It was a fun few routes, but on Nemesis I got a chunk of ice in the face, which scratched my cornea, on Whiteman Falls I broke of a huge mushroom of ice that hit me so hard in the face that I got my jaw dislocated and on Pilsner Pillar I got absolutely drench with water as I only had a soft-shell with me that day. Anyway it was a great weekend of ice climbing.


Nemesis (WI6) on the Stanley Headwall.


Me on the crux pitch of Nemesis.


Me on Whiteman Falls (WI6).


Pilsner Pillar (WI6).


Me getting a shower on Pilsner Pillar (Photo by Rob Gibson)

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